Cotopaxi joins nomad

Posted by Tyler James on

Inspired by the vivid colours and textiles of South America, Cotopaxi was started with the purpose of trying to make a difference, trying to give something back.
Cotopaxi has rallied around the term ‘Force For Good’. Using brand assets and revenue Cotopaxi has found a way to give back to the planet and some of the impoverished places of the world, returning 2% of its revenue to charities and environmentally conscious projects.
We are proud to say Cotopaxi hold B Corp certification, a credential given to forward thinking companies that go beyond the call of duty with regard to environmental consciousness-  no small feat.
The company, based in Salt Lake City, was founded by Davis Smith in 2014. Smith spent much of his younger life growing up in South America, he witnessed some of the most impoverished societies on the continent. This exposure to reality spurred Smith forward to form the brand with philanthropy at its roots. Cotopaxi is a Fair Trade company, with additional money flowing back to the factory workers.
 Perhaps their most intriguing products are from the Del Dia Collection. In an attempt to reduce factory floor waste Cotopaxi instructed their workers to use offcuts, that would otherwise go to waste. From this, they construct new unique packs and bags with wild colourways and combinations and in doing so greatly reduce factory waste.

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