Snow Peak Joins Nomad

Posted by Charlie Jones-West on

As far as outdoor and equipment brands go you would be hard-pressed to find one as aesthetically pleasing and as well designed as Snow Peak. Pulling from roughly half a century of craftsmanship, design and Japanese tradition Snow Peak has captured the imagination of many outdoor pursuit enthusiasts in the west. 

The brand originates from the Japanese town of Tsubame Sanjo, situated in the shadow of a mountain (the snow peak). Tsubame Sanjo has a history of expert metalwork and this origin story is still the basis of Snow Peaks current collection. Japanese designed and expertly crafted outdoor equipment.  

It’s an honour to be one of the UK’s newest stockists of Snow Peak and to bring their exceptional products to the South West.

Perhaps one of Snow Peaks most iconic items is their titanium line, specifically their 300 / 450 single and double-walled camping mugs. Ultra-lightweight mugs perfect for holding hot liquids. The double-walled version will maintain your beverage’s temperature, whilst the single wall variant can be used on an open flame or burner.

One of our focuses from this seasons collection has been outdoor cooking equipment and utensils. Snow Peak offers a wide range of useful and vital products required to prepare food and keep warm in the wilderness. We currently stock the Trek set, the Multi Compact Cooker Set, titanium utensils and more.

The most striking piece from this current collection is the Snow Peak TT. This tent and tarp combination is simply beautiful, the large tarp acts as an awning that spans from the entrance of the tent-making it the perfect shelter for your campsite. The tent is a comfortable size for two adults with space or for two adults with young children.


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