From humble beginnings in a 1960s Swedish basement creating wooden and aluminium framed backpacks, Fjallraven's origin story starts small. Throughout the second half of the 20th Century, Fjallraven expanded into numerous product lines. Now offering equipment and apparel designed to get people into nature.
However, for the founder, more was needed. So in 2005, the Fjallraven Classic was founded, a 110km trek across Sweden. The idea was for people to care about the environment; they must experience it. Fjallraven has always had environmentalism at its heart. Even today, they are a brand that continually looks for alternative fabrics and designs that are less impactful on our world. A key example of this is their emphasis on the G1000 fabric, cotton designed to be waxed for waterproofing rather than relying on chemical sprays or polyteflon membranes.