It’s what’s outside that counts
Outside. Out there.
Beyond the well-trodden streets
and the well-scrolled screens.
Off grid, off-line.
This is where we connect.
What we wear matters, out there.
It’s what keeps us going.
In the sheet rain and the howling wind.
The beating sun and the searing cold.
Every human endeavour.
Every discovery and exploration.
Wrapped up in the clothes we wore to get us there.
From the pioneers to the mountaineers.
The off-road riders to the daily commuters.
 What we wear is double-seam stitched in.
So dressing right is not superficial.
It is our deepest need. Our oldest freedom.
Woven tight into the fabric of who we are.
At Nomad, our mission is to bring you closer to the outside world.
To provide timeless, durable clothing that can withstand whatever life throws at you.
Because it’s what’s outside that counts.
Nomad supply store
Outerwear for out there