Millican, a brief introduction.

Posted by Charlie Jones-West on

Millican is one of the most recent brands to join Nomad’s stock list. It’s origin story is one we fell in love with. Forming in the Lake District during the early 90s, the story is based around travelling friends who refused to give up the dream. Inspired by the 1900s ‘maverick’ Millican Dalton, a Londoner who abandoned his city life for adventure. The brand took this inspiration literally, they moved to the Lakes and began making sustainable luggage and bags for those who wish to leave modern life behind and pave their own path. Their packs and bags are ‘companions’ who will travel great distances with you and always have your back (pun intended). Made from recycled and natural materials we are proud to stock one of the UK’s finest outdoor brands.
Check out their collection here.

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