Introduction to Carhartt

Posted by Charlie Jones-West on

For many Carhartt needs no introduction, but for those who are curious read on... Being one of the original American workwear brands their mission statement is based around hard-wearing, tough clothing which wont let you down. With origins in the 1880s and strong ties to the US railroad and lumber industries the necessity for tough fabric was key. The brands success in this M.O. meant it was adopted by skateboarders in the 1980s/1990s and with that, the doors opened up to streetwear. Carhartt WIP is a recently formed wing of the original brand with focus on making accessible and slick clothing that handles just as well cutting a tree down as walking through city streets. The brand now finds themselves in a unique situation where they are loved the world over by hard working manual labourers, skateboarders and fashionistas. Check out the Detroit Jacket to see their signature design features.
Check out their collection here.

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