Snow Peak HD Hexa Tarp Pro Set L

Snow Peak HD Hexa Tarp Pro Set L

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Snow Peak's premium hexagonal tarp. This is an excellent introduction set as it includes all necessary elements to erect the tarp. Including a peg hammer and all required poles and pegs. Designed to cover six people the Shield process material keeps off sun and rain. Reinforced and made to Snow Peak's exceptional standard.


500 x 570 cm

Designed to cover 6 people

Tarp body, wing pole (9 ft, 7 ft), solid stake 40 (× 4), solid stake 30 (× 4), universal attached rope (32 ft x 2, 3 ft x 2, 6 ft x 2), Peg Hammer, Pole case, rope case, peg & hammer case, carry bag

Made in China