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Powell Peralta Ripper Flight Deck | 9.7" [Display Board]


Powell Peralta Ripper Flight Deck | 9.7" [Display Board]

*This board is reduced because it has been hung on our wall and has a few scratches. Still a great board to ride!

The enigma of the modern skate deck is without a doubt the PP Flight Deck. A maple ply construction with fibre alternating between means these decks are extremely strong. The longevity of these boards cannot be overstated. Tail breaks and loss of pop are not an issue. Even with the interwoven construction, the Flight Deck has thinness, not seen in regular 7 ply skate decks. The construction allows for bigger ollies and faster flips. Due to the nature of this board, we recommend it to seasoned skaters who are looking for something new and progressive.

100% Maple and fibre

Fibre infused ply construction

Width | 9.7"

Length | 31.3"

Deep concave

Squared off tail

Made in the USA

Please note that due to shipping restrictions we are unable to ship skateboard decks outside of the United Kingdom.