Polar Skate Co. Sanbongi Freedom White | 8.75"

Polar Skate Co. Sanbongi Freedom White | 8.75"

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Size 8.75"

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A custom surf model from Shin Sanbongi. Rounded nose and square tail give this deck an old school feel. However, the modernised shape and 8.75” width make this a great street or park board. There are cutaway sections at each wheel point, helping to reduce wheel bite when carving. The wood is finished with a yellow stain and features a Japanese surf illustration calling back to Shin’s heritage. 

100% Canadian Maple

7-Ply Construction

Width: 8.75" (behind front truck)

Length: 32"

Rounded nose

Square tail

Wheel cutaways

Made in Mexico 

Please note that due to shipping restrictions we are unable to ship skateboard decks outside of the United Kingdom.