Pendleton Original Westerley Sweater | Tan & Brown

Pendleton Original Westerley Sweater | Tan & Brown

If you know, you know. This is ‘the’ shirt, worn by The Dude himself. Pendleton have gone back to the original archives and painstakingly recreated the iconic shirt from the movie ‘The Big Lebowski’.  What may initially seem like a gimmick is in fact a shirt packed with heritage, tradition and practicality. The thick knit is 100% lambswool, naturally water, stain and odour resistant. This item will be warm and cosy, perfect for colder months. The wide collar and full zipper mean you can seal yourself away when temperatures drop. The symmetrical pattern across the body pulls from Pendleton’s heritage and history of Native American inspired design.

100% Lambswool

Regular fit

Water & stain resistant

Wide collar

Zipper closure

Square hem

Thick knit

Made in China