Independent Stage 159 11 Forged Titanium Truck

Independent Stage 159 11 Forged Titanium Truck

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Independent have been pushing truck technology since 1978. The 21st century sees them introduce their first 100% titanium forged trucks. Indy’s are seen by many as the industry standard skateboard truck, strength, durability and performance. However, they aren’t the lightest trucks on the market. So, they have now introduced the Forged Titanium Truck, expect the same quality as all regular Stage 11 trucks with the added advantage of strength and weight reduction of titanium. Designed to have the highest strength to weight ratio of any truck on the market.

100% Titanium truck, 100% Steel kingpin

Size | 159

Axle Length | 8.75”

Hanger Length | 6”

Recommended Board Size | 8.6” - 8.9”

Made in China 

Sold Individually. If you need a pair just order 2.