Field Notes Memo Books | Graph Paper (pack of 3)

Field Notes Memo Books | Graph Paper (pack of 3)

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The 48-page Kraft Memo Books from Field Notes are described as: 'the heart of their product line', and we couldn't agree more. The simplicity could be no more appealing, and the functionality cannot be oversold. The pages are robustly stapled and wrapped in a durable brown packing wrap. Additionally, the inner pages are filled with helpful information and room for identification details. Finally, the cover is proudly stamped with Field Notes now-iconic typeface, printed and manufactured in the USA. Whether you are in the workshop, heading to the supermarket, out on the trails or beginning your memoirs, the humble note pad cannot be bested.  

Three pack of notebooks

Paper Style: Graph (4.7mm × 4.7mm)

Dimensions: 89mm x 140mm

Cover: French Dur-O-Tone 80#C "Packing Brown Wrap"

Made in USA