Mizu 360 V7 Everyday Kit | Enduro White


Mizu 360 V7 Everyday Kit | Enduro White


100% Stainless Steel

Double-wall insulation

Volume: 620 ml

Height: 227 mm

Diameter: 75 mm

Weight: 375 gm

Straw lid

Wide mouth opening


Nanotechnology water filter

Cylinder Filter cage

100% BPA Free

100% Recyclable

Made in China


The insulated double wall will keep your liquids cold or hot for longer. The straw lid provides easy on-the-go drinking. The dimensions make the V7 perfect for stashing in a side pocket of a backpack or even a cup holder in the car.

The Everyday Kit comes with a filter system designed to remove 99.9% of contaminants. Improve the taste, remove harmful bacteria and never turn to a single-use plastic water bottle again. This filter system has a 40-gallon lifespan so expect it to be with you for many adventures.