Make Frome Skate Again

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Nomad Supply Store is based in the small South West town of Frome. Over the years, we have seen the town go from strength to strength in terms of new ideas, new people and the culture that Frome now offers. But are the youth denied their outlet?  

Over the last 20 years, Frome has always had a strong skateboarding presence. Growing up in the town and witnessing the huge changes over the last decade, one consistency has always been Frome's skateboarding scene, whether it was the original Frome skate shop Highrider or the temporary skatepark outside the Cheese & Grain. However, it's common knowledge that the current skatepark and facilities are severely lacking and are even put to shame by what our neighbouring towns offer. 

The summer of 2021 saw the skateboarding Olympic debut to the joy (and sometimes dismay) of skateboarders worldwide. Regardless of our opinions on this global event, it has helped legitimise the sport, which is often greatly misunderstood and even scorned. Team GB's Sky Brown put in an incredible performance to secure bronze in the 'Park' event, further legitimising the sport and firmly securing women and girls position in an often male-dominated world.

Over the last 12 months, a small grassroots movement spearheaded by the young skateboarding community has been crying out for a quality skateboard park worthy of a town such as Frome. Fliers and posters have appeared on lampposts, walls, post boxes and any available surface, with the simple statement of 'build Frome a (good) skatepark'. Growing up as skateboarders, we have always had a strong affinity with skateboarding, and therefore Nomad has decided to throw our small but full strength behind this worthy cause. 

August 2021 saw the first organised event dedicated to raising further awareness and inevitable funding for this project. This event is the brainchild of Frome local Noah, who, even as a teenager, has shown the drive and smarts to see this project through to the very end.

The event took place outside and within the Cheese & Grain, with bespoke built skate ramps, kickers, ledges and more, which teases the potential options of what a well-designed park in Frome could look like. After conversations with the organisers, this is the first of many events dedicated to making Frome skate again. In order to solidify these events and the proposed skatepark, the local skateboarding community has united with scooters, BMX riders, musicians and even graffiti and street artists. All of which are positive entities within 'counter' culture.

The proposed location for Frome's new skatepark would be Victoria Park, with a complete overhaul of the original park (which is currently unfit for the purpose from a practical and even safety point of view). As cliched as it may sound, this new park would give the younger (and older) people of Frome a location to exercise, practice and positively express themselves in a way other sports do not. Skateboarding has always been rooted in self-expression and is often a very personal thing, with every skateboarder having their own unique style and stance. Perfectly tying into the forward-thinking and creative nature of Frome.
All photography shot on location in Frome (23/08/21) by Levi James.          

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